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It's never about the awards when meeting with a client – building ad campaigns and designing pieces that work is the goal. That's what makes it especially satisfying when good creative nets good results. Past work has resulted in over 80 industry and peer juried recognition, provincially, nationally and a few international mentions. It feels good when they can't pronounce the province correctly and you've just taken their top award. 

On the right track. Creative awards for TV, radio, print, outdoor, letterhead, brochures, posters, web pages, packaging, direct mail and even a parade float.


31 ACE Awards of Excellence 
22 ACE Awards of Merit
5 Graphic Designers of Canada Awards
4 SUMMIT Awards
4 Television Bureau of Canada Awards
2 Sask Design Council Premiere Awards
2 SMPIA Showcase Awards
Gold Remi
Gold Sheaf
6 ARC Awards
Design 97 Winner
Yahoo Site of the Week
International Newspaper Marketing Award
2 CAMA Awards
3 TCAAN Awards

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