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Television and radio scripts, headers, ad copy, annual reports, marketing reports, editing, strategy, ad plans, print ads, blogs, tweets, bathroom stalls; all require copy and someone to write it. The tone can be as varied as a sparrow's song, as succinct as a mother's stare, loud like thunder, or whisper like rain. It can be patronizing, silly, angry, satirical, whimsical, informative, instructive, persuasive and entertaining.

SaskPower - Safety Testimonial 30"

SIGA - Psychic Hotline 30"

SaskTel Mobility - Spring Is Cool 30"

SIGA - Emergency 30"

SaskTel Mobility - Habanero 30"

SaskTel Mobility - Footbrawl

The Wolf 104.9 - TV/Outdoor

The LeaderPost - Print

cfactor Works - Web

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