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Creative Direction

Plotting a course for creative success is not without it's challenges. Up to this point the docket is weighted down lop-sidely with strategy in your inbox. Here's where the rubber begins to hit the road. Asking the creative questions; what type of music, imagery, header, copy, tone, personality, edit, retouch, illustration, animation, space, place or face? Good thing you have plenty of professionals to help!


Creative Suppliers: Whether it's an internal team of designers, writers and production artists or a community of external creative support including photographers, we can assemble and oversee a team of professionals that will best help recreate your vision. 


It's important to know what strengths each supplier brings and what level of expertise is consistent with your budget. That's where experience pays dividends.




Photography: Tendering, hiring and overseeing photographers helps when you have a knack for it. Commercial photographers bring a greater level of expertise and experience. Creative often relies heavily on their talents and vision and we appreciate when budgets can accommodate a photographer for hire. 

Television: The role of a CD in broadcast is one of utility player. Having produced, directed, and overseen 100+ commercials – experience has helped develop the 
ability to adapt to the challenges most budgets present.


Smaller budgets require a more direct hands on approach. After an approved script and board, our role can range from preparing illustrations, prepping files, hiring talent, directing, producing and even doing your own voice over.


Large budgets mean directing and allocating responsibilties – more of a team player. Preparing scripts and boards for client approval and tender, hiring a production company, overseeing wardrobe and talent, reacting to provided music and voice options, working with a proven director of photography and editor, and lastly sharing the credit at awards ceremonies.

Printers: Print is tricky. Unlike the wysiwyg (what you see is what you get) world of the internet, print requires an intricate understanding of the many elements and processes. If you make a mistake, you can't simply upload a new file. From paper choices, to ink saturation, press checks, color proofs, folding, scoring and delivery - this is best left to an expert. With over 25 years in print - we've got you covered.


Programmers: Again, selecting a programmer with a style and sensibility that best matches your desired brand personality is important. They are not all created equal and it's good to work with a client to find a fit that best suits your balance of budget and needs.

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